Listen to the CustomerVoice – The CustomerCarePoint Story

The idea for CustomerCarePoint came from the most ideal of circumstances, it came from customer feedback.

Through engagements and discussions with organizations, it became clear that a new landscape and sensitivity had developed as the result of social media.

Social media has become the vehicle for the voice of the customer, a place for customers to vent regarding dissatisfaction when it occurs in the customer – company relationship. This has continued on a dramatic upswing and puts huge burdens on organizations to apply full time resources to monitoring the Internet and social media terrain to ‘pick up’ these references. The inefficiency of this structure appears to have gone unnoticed, as most organizations are only beginning to understand the role and significance of social media and customer relations.

In the past an unhappy customer went away… but in public relation terms did so quietly. That model is now changed. A discontent customer today is telling the world… and far more people than organizations realize are listening and putting weight behind such remarks be they justified or not.

Organizations needed a way to get instant feedback regarding customer issues as well as positive input and suggestions that could be submitted easily and from anywhere. The company would need to receive it just seconds later so they could act immediately. In addition they required a summary report containing all submissions for review. We delivered the software as requested and they were extremely happy with the solution.

It soon became very apparent, that keeping existing customers satisfied is the best promotion an organization can undertake. The cost of acquiring new customers is far higher than the cost to keep existing customers. This is not a new concept, but one that has for some reason been lost on a new generation mesmerized by the social media explosion.

So with this in mind, CustomerCarePoint was born. We created a cloud-based application customizable for their specific needs and customer relation policies that eliminates any burden on corporate IT resources.

As a result; CustomerCarePoint enables your customers to immediately report issues directly to your organization with immediate notification to designated responders at any level. This is a major step forward in efficiency for customer response.

Your Customers ARE your business. You need to hear their voice.

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