The Customer Service Dilemma

Those organizations that strive to be Customer Centric want to Listen and Respond to their customers, however being a successful organization requires efficiency. How then does an organization be engaged with their customers yet in a manner that is both cost and service effective? Add to this the ever increasingly competitive marketplace in all business sectors, the pressure on prices by a growing audience that has been weaned on ‘free’ and the need to gather data to set or adjust a strategic course.

Customers are demanding more to which we realize that time is being compressed for everyone. More importantly technology has presented the illusion of instant communication. People get it with their friends and are confused or worse annoyed when they can’t get it with the businesses they are dealing with. Most businesses are pressured to have staff monitor social media as it has become the venting ground for broadcasting annoyances. When the cost of customer service via social media is finally tallied, companies will be scrambling for alternatives.

Modestly, we believe we have recognized the answer, then configured it with CustomerCarePoint.

The Problems CCP Addresses –

Every day Organizations Lose a Customer; important yes but add to it they don’t know it happened and they don’t know why it happened.

Customer’s Want To Be Heard – An existing Customer is invested in the organization it deals with, and if they have an issue, they want to tell the organization about it. The organization wants to hear it. Yet there is a disconnect. This disconnect comprises convenience and availability. People will no longer sit on a phone on hold. And Millennials don’t phone ever, period… not even to their best friend. Yes, they are on their phone but to text, link to the Internet or use apps. Companies can’t handle this effectively.

QuizzPoint Corporation created an online and web enabled application to address this very landscape. We believe what we provide is unique.  A software application designed specifically to improve Customer Relations, Communication and Service.

It is a tool and a strategy that enhances Customer Engagement and Connection.

The Benefits of CCP:

1) Simple and convenient for Customers to Reach Out. (from their computer, tablet, phone on their timetable, it is always open)

2) Easy for Customer Service/Business Operators to Receive and Follow Up directly.

3) Supports Follow Up with Automated Features for Responding and Routing.

4) Builds or adds to a database the business can utilize.

5) Drives Traffic to the Business Website that can be leveraged.

To learn how a Live, Direct, Private Communication Channel can be seamlessly added to your website or about our Managed Solution, learn more online or contact at 1-800-910-4530 (North America) or

QuizzPoint Corporation assists with online software technologies to support communication, documentation, verification, governance and compliance.

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