5 Components of Leadership And Customer Focus

How an organization focuses upon and executes their customer engagement, service and support depends entirely on the management of the organization, the management at the very top of the organization. And very often the higher you climb the corporate ladder the greater the time and attention is given to money…. Since the objective of business is to make money, there seems at first glance significant justification on that business topic.

First and foremost in all its variations money is the name and target of the game of business. Which is to say winning is the objective of sport. Or that applause is the objective of theatre or grades the objective of education. These statements and focuses are far too narrow an interpretation of the objective of business, sport, and education.

The astute Leader realizes the complexities of success and the multi pronged strategies and initiatives required to create it. What makes profit? Market identification, strategic planning, efficiency of production, streamlined administration, accurate accounting and hard work all comprise the elements of business success. But paramount is the customer.

The customer must be identified, understood, attracted, sometimes educated, engaged, heard and satisfied for long-term business success. Businesses do put significant work into their customers and potential customer. Yet repeatedly they damage the relationship they have worked so hard to earn, by simply not listening.

Listening and responding are absolutes of being customer centric, customer focused and customer driven. The new term coined by Kevin Roberts, CEO Saatchi & Saatchi is ‘Lovemarks’. An element of this term is establishing brand endearment, loyalty that makes your customer your champion and ambassador. Who wouldn’t want that!

Here are the components of Customer Focus that must be ingrained into business practice from upper management and walked, not just talked, daily.

  • Engagement; understand you must be easily accessible by your customers.
  • Engagement; enable customers to communicate in multiple ways.
  • Engagement; understand your customer’s issues and point of view.
  • Engagement; make it easy for you employees to follow up when the customers communicates.
  • Documentation; (honestly, you thought this last one was going to be engagement… and with some creativity it could have been…) track and see patterns that can be corrected in product, service, policies that customers are explaining.

And here is the bonus component; Engagement. Understand that customer service can make or break your product, service, brand… your business. You must make every effort to draw in and compile customer feedback, from as many routes and sources as you can glean.

The path to profit travels through all areas of your business, it starts however at the door, or mind of the customer. You need to know what your customer is thinking. You need to refresh continually. You must be open for and to communication. You must engrain it into your operational processes.

Get engaged, stay engaged and never disengage.

CustomerCarePoint (dot) com – Is a Cloud Tool to help communication between individuals and customer centric organization that wish to enhance their ability to Listen and Respond to Customers. It has a full suite of features that can be selected by our clients to tailor its function, reporting and automated follow up to specific corporate objectives.


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