The Customer Service Dilemma

Those organizations that strive to be Customer Centric want to Listen and Respond to their customers, however being a successful organization requires efficiency. How then does an organization be engaged with their customers yet in a manner that is both cost and service effective? Add to this the ever increasingly competitive marketplace in all business sectors, the pressure on prices by a growing audience that has been weaned on ‘free’ and the need to gather data to set or adjust a strategic course.

Customers are demanding more to which we realize that time is being compressed for everyone. More importantly technology has presented the illusion of instant communication. People get it with their friends and are confused or worse annoyed when they can’t get it with the businesses they are dealing with. Most businesses are pressured to have staff monitor social media as it has become the venting ground for broadcasting annoyances. When the cost of customer service via social media is finally tallied, companies will be scrambling for alternatives.

Modestly, we believe we have recognized the answer, then configured it with CustomerCarePoint.

The Problems CCP Addresses –

Every day Organizations Lose a Customer; important yes but add to it they don’t know it happened and they don’t know why it happened.

Customer’s Want To Be Heard – An existing Customer is invested in the organization it deals with, and if they have an issue, they want to tell the organization about it. The organization wants to hear it. Yet there is a disconnect. This disconnect comprises convenience and availability. People will no longer sit on a phone on hold. And Millennials don’t phone ever, period… not even to their best friend. Yes, they are on their phone but to text, link to the Internet or use apps. Companies can’t handle this effectively.

QuizzPoint Corporation created an online and web enabled application to address this very landscape. We believe what we provide is unique.  A software application designed specifically to improve Customer Relations, Communication and Service.

It is a tool and a strategy that enhances Customer Engagement and Connection.

The Benefits of CCP:

1) Simple and convenient for Customers to Reach Out. (from their computer, tablet, phone on their timetable, it is always open)

2) Easy for Customer Service/Business Operators to Receive and Follow Up directly.

3) Supports Follow Up with Automated Features for Responding and Routing.

4) Builds or adds to a database the business can utilize.

5) Drives Traffic to the Business Website that can be leveraged.

To learn how a Live, Direct, Private Communication Channel can be seamlessly added to your website or about our Managed Solution, learn more online or contact at 1-800-910-4530 (North America) or

QuizzPoint Corporation assists with online software technologies to support communication, documentation, verification, governance and compliance.

5 Components of Leadership And Customer Focus

How an organization focuses upon and executes their customer engagement, service and support depends entirely on the management of the organization, the management at the very top of the organization. And very often the higher you climb the corporate ladder the greater the time and attention is given to money…. Since the objective of business is to make money, there seems at first glance significant justification on that business topic.

First and foremost in all its variations money is the name and target of the game of business. Which is to say winning is the objective of sport. Or that applause is the objective of theatre or grades the objective of education. These statements and focuses are far too narrow an interpretation of the objective of business, sport, and education.

The astute Leader realizes the complexities of success and the multi pronged strategies and initiatives required to create it. What makes profit? Market identification, strategic planning, efficiency of production, streamlined administration, accurate accounting and hard work all comprise the elements of business success. But paramount is the customer.

The customer must be identified, understood, attracted, sometimes educated, engaged, heard and satisfied for long-term business success. Businesses do put significant work into their customers and potential customer. Yet repeatedly they damage the relationship they have worked so hard to earn, by simply not listening.

Listening and responding are absolutes of being customer centric, customer focused and customer driven. The new term coined by Kevin Roberts, CEO Saatchi & Saatchi is ‘Lovemarks’. An element of this term is establishing brand endearment, loyalty that makes your customer your champion and ambassador. Who wouldn’t want that!

Here are the components of Customer Focus that must be ingrained into business practice from upper management and walked, not just talked, daily.

  • Engagement; understand you must be easily accessible by your customers.
  • Engagement; enable customers to communicate in multiple ways.
  • Engagement; understand your customer’s issues and point of view.
  • Engagement; make it easy for you employees to follow up when the customers communicates.
  • Documentation; (honestly, you thought this last one was going to be engagement… and with some creativity it could have been…) track and see patterns that can be corrected in product, service, policies that customers are explaining.

And here is the bonus component; Engagement. Understand that customer service can make or break your product, service, brand… your business. You must make every effort to draw in and compile customer feedback, from as many routes and sources as you can glean.

The path to profit travels through all areas of your business, it starts however at the door, or mind of the customer. You need to know what your customer is thinking. You need to refresh continually. You must be open for and to communication. You must engrain it into your operational processes.

Get engaged, stay engaged and never disengage.

CustomerCarePoint (dot) com – Is a Cloud Tool to help communication between individuals and customer centric organization that wish to enhance their ability to Listen and Respond to Customers. It has a full suite of features that can be selected by our clients to tailor its function, reporting and automated follow up to specific corporate objectives.

4 Points to Consider for Customer Service via Social Media

There are some that will say any press is good press, eventually. This is of course a false notion.

We have an issue with a company we have done business with and we would like to get it resolved. So, we decide to reach out to them. How hard can that be? Well, in this age of advancing technology not as fast as one might think.

The really cool website of the company we are trying to contact has limited contact information but there is a phone number, granted it was hidden from easy view. The phone rings, and rings when an automated message informing us not to hit zero or any other button until we listen to the complete menu, which has just been changed so don’t think you can get around the next 90 second information exercise until a voice mail box tells us to leave a message. Our email or contact form gets no immediate response but a note does finally arrive telling us how important we are… but then another three days pass. So if you are like many, in the next moment you go to your social media network and tell the world the story… and that this company (fill in the name), sucks at service.

We feel some level of relief that we are at least able to vent, but we haven’t really been heard. Within minutes, because perhaps we (#) hash tagged the words #thissucks… our outrage is picked up and reposted a few… thousand times.

For the company in question this is the “Yikes” moment. This is a virtual leak in the boat that is their brand. But as an organization with a sense of risk management you have some of your resources, perhaps a full time resource that monitors social media for just such an event… so you can do damage control. As the re-posts pass into the tens of thousands and management is informed, someone considers the possibility turning customer service over to a completely public channel might not be the very best strategy. Then again, at least the company did find out about the issue along with a growing percentage of the global population on the planet of this now very likely former customer and can respond to the individual and the public…

There is the belief that because social media is live, it is therefore fast, which of course it can be… as information and dialogue streams out gaining momentum and social awareness. The correct response, cleared by legal or at least a manager takes some time, because what would make it worse is a quick but poorly thought out response. (And a ‘We’re so very sorry to learn of this, mush, mush, lip service response is seen by the community to be what it is… evidence that the company really has a poor customer service approach) All in all, by this time not only the customer is very likely now someone else’s customer, but potential customers have made purchasing decisions that do not bode well for this company. The fire is now blazing out of control and you are fighting it with a wet towel.

More often the Social Media negative remarks don’t ignite a fiery explosion one suggests in retort, but that might in fact be worse as they solder endlessly unnoticed by the companies resource(s) available to find such a publicly posted comments that register on the bad PR scale…  In the end the Executive that was thinking “There must be a better way” is right.

Things to consider:

1) Social Media are public, global communication channels

2) Once engaged the remarks and views (content) remain forever

3) Once bad press is out on Social Media, getting in front of the story is a much longer race

4) Like in the days when newspapers reigned supreme, retractions (Corporate Social Media responses) get far less attention and notice

CustomerCarePoint (dot) com – Is a Cloud Tool to help communication between individuals and customer centric organizations that wish to enhance their ability to Listen and Respond to Customers. It has a full suite of features that can be selected by our clients to tailor its function, reporting and automated follow up to specific corporate objectives.

Listen… Customer Feedback key to Customer Engagement

What does it take to make your organization different? What does it take to stand out from others?

It requires that you listen. In order to respond to the voice of the customer, we must listen.

Let me state how very easy this is to write when compared to how very hard this is to do; to take the appropriate measures to listen, comprehend and respond. But this is key to any successful relationship and we are all seeking to have strong relationships with our customers.

But by listening I do not mean some grand gestures that can sometimes backfire… such as the ever-increasing use of surveys. Surveys are not a listing tool, they are a questionnaire. Because our company assists organizations to get feedback, we understand that well-structured campaigns can gather valuable information. However most organizations use these campaigns without fully developed strategies. Customers are being inundated with requests to take their valuable time and engage by taking a survey when the organization wishes to collect data.

However a customer really only wishes to communicate to an organization when THEY (the customer) is interested, concerned or has feedback. in other words, customers will be motivated to engage and provide data on their terms and at a time convenient to them when they have an issue.

That is a big difference from the Survey model.

Technology is making instant communication and follow up a very real option for organizations large and small. When technology is incorporated into a well managed process, a strong and direct link can be established with customers. Patterns and issues can be identified and improvement strategies determined.

The important thing is that you are listening when your customers want to speak to you. And also being able to document, analyze, organize and follow up immediately when they do.

Customers DO want to speak to you and if you are not listening, that is if you do not give them a simple way to speak to you directly, they will speak to you – and a whole bunch of other people – through social media. And at that point you have lost control of the conversation.

Give them a simple way to speak to you directly. Show them that you are listening and not only will they respect you, they will tell you the truth.

CustomerCarePoint – Is a Cloud Tool to facilitate communication between organizations and their customers. It operates in real time from computer, laptop or mobile device.

Listen to the CustomerVoice – The CustomerCarePoint Story

The idea for CustomerCarePoint came from the most ideal of circumstances, it came from customer feedback.

Through engagements and discussions with organizations, it became clear that a new landscape and sensitivity had developed as the result of social media.

Social media has become the vehicle for the voice of the customer, a place for customers to vent regarding dissatisfaction when it occurs in the customer – company relationship. This has continued on a dramatic upswing and puts huge burdens on organizations to apply full time resources to monitoring the Internet and social media terrain to ‘pick up’ these references. The inefficiency of this structure appears to have gone unnoticed, as most organizations are only beginning to understand the role and significance of social media and customer relations.

In the past an unhappy customer went away… but in public relation terms did so quietly. That model is now changed. A discontent customer today is telling the world… and far more people than organizations realize are listening and putting weight behind such remarks be they justified or not.

Organizations needed a way to get instant feedback regarding customer issues as well as positive input and suggestions that could be submitted easily and from anywhere. The company would need to receive it just seconds later so they could act immediately. In addition they required a summary report containing all submissions for review. We delivered the software as requested and they were extremely happy with the solution.

It soon became very apparent, that keeping existing customers satisfied is the best promotion an organization can undertake. The cost of acquiring new customers is far higher than the cost to keep existing customers. This is not a new concept, but one that has for some reason been lost on a new generation mesmerized by the social media explosion.

So with this in mind, CustomerCarePoint was born. We created a cloud-based application customizable for their specific needs and customer relation policies that eliminates any burden on corporate IT resources.

As a result; CustomerCarePoint enables your customers to immediately report issues directly to your organization with immediate notification to designated responders at any level. This is a major step forward in efficiency for customer response.

Your Customers ARE your business. You need to hear their voice.